Staff needed for a marketing services company

TruongChien Ly, Owner, President

TruongChien Ly, Owner, President


TriTri.World is a professional marketing services company that offers the following services:

• Brand strategy Graphic design, storytelling, storyboard for printing items, Video clips and television commercial production, web and Social media.
• Organizing business events, Designing and developing Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) to build brand image and reputation online, on-site and offline in person.
• Implementing market surveys, and marketing strategies into action plans
• Providing IT solutions and tools to support marketing, customer development and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for business owners.

We have been in operation for 10 years as Professional Marketing Vice President for Unilever Việt Nam and over 15 years as Agent to provide our services as Marketing & Consultant Agent with a series of outstanding achievements for our clients such as helping them grow double and triple their business top lines or/and bottom lines, we deeply understand and get insight both clients and agent. We just landed here 2 years ago and set up the location on 53 Queen Street in Charlottetown last year. is a very diverse and dynamic team of creators, innovators, high skills and experienced team members. Our team are skilled members with totally over 120 years of experience in several fields. We are Pioneer come from West to East, North to South of multicultural & multinational, traditional & modern, who work smart & work hard we operate to serve any clients requests 24/7/365 to provide our best services to help our clients grow their brand’s reputation and growing double their business results for both top-lines and bottom lines, make our clients happy with wow.

Hiring needs

We would like to hire at least two more people to work with us to find new clients and help them grow their business better, bigger, faster and more sustainable. We are looking to hire a Business Development Manager who is familiar with local culture, business owners, government, and social media.  The other position is for an Administrative Assistant.

Are you talented?! Let’s join our team

“Many people have applied, but it is a big challenge to find the right ones who are qualified.”

For more information or to apply, call 902-330-2601 or email a resumé to