Charlot SCL – Senior Master


Executive Strategic Management Transforming & Grow Consultant. Chairman of Tri Tri Group * President The founder & Author of Mindfulness Leadership 4.0 – MiniMBA 4.0 program. Senior advisor about business model transformation, strategic management, restructuring & organizational development

“Integration of Red River & Nine Dragon River”

Chairman of Tri Tri Group, BIOMEQ.


Executive Management and Transforming Consultant & Master Trainer/ Coach in:

  • Marketing / Sales & Sales Management Development
  • Restructuring Transforming & Strategic management;
  • People & Organization development;
  • Supply chain;
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Management Consultant and Leadership Coach.
  • President VietPEI, Canada
  • Independent Director, BOD of Yeah1! 2018 – Now. Former Independent Director, BOD GSG many term
  • Vice President of Management Consulting Club; Deputy Head of Consulting Committee of Vietnam
    Marketing Association); Member of ICMC (International Committee Management Consultant)
  • Vice Dean of Strategic & Marketing Institute (SMI)
  • Unilever’s ExBOD, ExBOM member, Professional Marketing & Customer Development Director
  • Ex Faster Capital’s Strategic Partner supports SME and start-up in ASEAN
  • Founder of various professional associations and organizations
  • Former interim CEO GSG managing the corporate overcome crisis 2009.

Senior advisor and mentoring to many Start-up founder and entrepreneurs such as: Nguyen Tong Nhuong Tong (Chairman of Yeah1), Ta Minh Tuan (one of the 30 best performers of 30 under 30 Forbes Asia), Le Viet Hong (CEO of Cloudjet Solutions), Nguyen Anh Tuan (CEO of SEAMI) Nguyen Anh Hien (CEO BIOMEQ)…

Chairman of Judging board many awards I-star Innovation Grand Prizes, supporting the Start-up of HCMC.

Co-founder of the Management and Start-up Group in Vietnam and Advisor for International (Korea , EU)

Member of the judge for many years of Asia Challenges NUS Singapore, Swiss Innovation – MCI – North West Swiss University, Hultprize of United Nation, … and many Start Up competitions, Innovation of Vietnam

Co-founder of the Management and Start-up Group (active group Facebook) with more than 45,000 members. Founding members of many organizations, professional associations and community activities

Academic background

  • 2020 – 2021: Growth – Diversity culture – SNIC – Canada Experience
  • 2019: Vietnam International Commercial Mediation Expert
  • 2013: Corporate management ; Mergers & Acquisitions (Japan)
  • 2012: Strategic solutions to develop agricultural & food enterprise for sustainable growth &
    development (FAO – Thailand)
  • 2009/ 2010 / 2011: Changing and Transformation Management. Marketing for new age
  • 2008 Strategy and advantage in competition.
  • 2007 Business Networking International; Marketing for new age.
  • 2005 Leadership in Globalization environment
  • 2004 Brand activation / Finance for Non Finance manager / Business management in Globalization
  • 1999/ 2000/2004 Public Relation / Professional Marketing / CSR (UK/France/Italy/The
    Netherlands )
  • 2003 changing management. How to leading in transformation time / Project management.
  • 2002 HR management (UK) / CSR training.
  • 1998 Distribution network setting and management / Marketing for Asia and Pacific (Thailand)
  • 1997 – 2000 Brand management and TVC production
  • 1997 BAC (Indonesia)
  • 1995 TQM management
  • 1991 Intelligent Property, Trade mark and Brand.
  • 84 – 89 Eng. Mechanical Polytechnic University

Social activities

  • President VietPEI, Canadian Vietnamese Association on PEI
  • ICMC’s member (International Committee Management Consultant – EU)
  • Consultant for Ernst & Young
  • Founder of the non-profit training coaching program “Living skills in digital life”, “”
  • Board member for IPA HCMC; OSI (US), BBF, Encourage Education Association Consumer Protection Association,…
  • BNI’s former member (Business Networking International – US).
  • Co-founder of Vietnam Marketing Association – Former Consultant member for VMA,
  • Founder of profession clubs such as Mechanical club/ SIYB/ Consultant, etc
  • Co-founder & Executive member of MCI Vietnam
  • Member of international forums about healthcare & education like IFH, Academy
  • Senior Advisor on Restructuring, Strategic management & Organizational development. Trainer of VJCC, TUV, PACE, AIT, CBAM, PTIT; VCCI, Economic Institutes, universities & MNC & local corporations such as Unilever, Toyota, TNS, Best Caring, FPT, SAMCO, VietInbank, EVN, YBA, Women Entrepreneur Association, Vinataba, SaigonTourist, Kinhdo, ThaiTuan, VNPT,PTSC,..
  • Founder of“P/S Protect Vietnamese Smile”, “Omo White Shirt Bright Future”; “Living Skills In Digital Life”
  • Sponsor of social enterprises like HELP, Delta Viet, BigLink, LiD ,… and support for CSIP,…


  • 16 technical creation Awards in HCMC and National level
  • 1 Youth Prize for technical creation
  • 1 Medal for Creation and Innovation
  • 1 Gold Cup for great trading product. 1st Tech Mart in HCMC
  • 1 medal for Young talent
  • 1 medal for protection and care of children
  • 1 medal for women development.
  • 1 medal for promoting education in VN
  • 1 great Prize and gold medal about building Marketing team
  • Many awards, rewards, medals in Cities, Ministries, National and Provinces level for great contribution to develop people and community.
  • Role model in Direct Sale System DSS for FMCG in Vietnam market which are successful in Unilever, Saigon tissue, TanTan, Hong Anh, and other Service store chain as Best Carings, Sapuwa, Tropdicorp, Anh Kim,…
  • PM – PR talent and Model for Unilever in global and some other international organization such as WHO… : P/S protect Vietnamese Smile, Omo white shirt – bright future, Life Buoy Family hygiene care…

In brief…

Every 10-year chapter of life with diverse practical experience in Technical operation (20 – 30 YO); Sales & Marketing (30 – 40 YO); Consulting/ Training & Coaching (40 – 50 YO) Senior Master in People and Organization Development om turbulent changing and international commercial multi culture ages (50 – now) makes him now a well-respected and nation-wide recognized Consultant/ Trainer & Coach with extensive knowledge of Western business concepts and practices well combined with a deep understanding of Asian and local culture to grow in turbulent changes integrate multi-culture life;

  • 10 years (50 – now ) senior master mentoring and develop people & organization in turbulent changes, international commercial and multi-culture
  • 10 years (40 – 50 YO) in partnering with business owners & leaders in a wide range of industries, countries and company sizes to provide business consulting/ training & coaching solutions with a focus on enhancing capacity, driving productivity, revenue, cash flow, profit and fostering market shares;
  • 10 years’ (30 – 40 YO) practical experience in Marketing & Sales management & development as Sales Director & Professional Marketing Director, Executive member of BOD of Unilever Vietnam, the most successful FMCG multinational corporation in Vietnam.
  • Average 50% – 300% sales revenue and profit growth year-over-year achieved by the sales team in particular and the client companies as a whole after applying and implementing his unique business mindset, pragmatic methodologies and tools;
  • Hundreds of clients and companies with his consulting and coaching share the passion and apply for outstanding performance and it shows in their success which is broader than just financial returns: dramatic & sustainable improvement in productivity, more effective decision-making machinery, more efficient execution of management processes;
  • Thousands of trainees/ coaches attending leave his training & coaching “playshops” with the motivated spirit to acquire the learnt knowledge/ skills into real work and life for better efficiency; and continuously gain support from him during the “work-applied” coaching phase for true and measured results.

Mission with passion of…

Developing and coaching people to build their individual abilities and organization capabilities for greater performance through a range of “structured yet creative” philosophy, “systemized yet easy-to-apply” methodology and tools …by waking up the Potential to become Capability, building the Capability to gain Capacity & maximizing the Capacity to become true Talent

– Ly Truong Chien –