PR Card Renewal Canada: Application, How to Pay Renewal Fee for PR Card?

PR Card Renewal Canada: Application, How to Pay Renewal Fee for PR Card?


PR Card Renewal Canada

PR Card is an identification document that proves that someone is a Permanent Resident of Canada. In case someone travels outside Canada, they are required to show their PR Card and passport when they come back.

What is a PR Card?

PR Card is required when the permanent residents return to Canada by plane, train, boat or bus. Therefore, people should always check the expiry date of their PR Card before leaving Canada. If the PR Card is likely to expire, they should renew the card before leaving.

PR Card Renewal Canada

If someone doesn’t have a valid PR card or their card has expired, they have to get a PRTD to return to Canada. They should either have a PRTD or a PR Card when onboarding a flight, bus, boat or train. If they don’t have these things, they might not be allowed to get on board.

New Permanent Residents of Canada are not required to apply for the PR Card. The authorities will send them the PR Card when they immigrate. However, they might need to tell them about their address so that they can send the PR Card. In addition, they need to send their address within 180 days of immigrating.

PR Card Renewal

In case someone misses the 180-day time period to send their address to receive the PR Card, they might have to apply for it. Please note that they have to pay a 50-dollar fee to get a PR Card.

The PR Card contains the information, such as name, photo, signature, and other relevant details of a person. This card is generally used to confirm the status in Canada. A Permanent Resident is an individual who has been granted permanent residency status in Canada. Please note that being a permanent resident does not mean being a Canadian Citizen.

To get a PR Card, people have to apply from Canada only. Non-Canadian addresses do not receive PR Cards from the authorities.

PR Card Renewal Application

The application for the renewal of the PR Card is available on the authorized website of the Government of Canada. The application is provided as a part of a package that consists of an instruction guide, photograph specifications, a document checklist, and the application.

The application for the PR Card Renewal is IMM 5444. The instruction guide contains the complete list of processes for applying or renewing the PR Card. It contains explanations of various things, such as definitions, requirements, important forms, eligibility, etc.

People should always read the Instruction Guide, i.e., IMM 5476, before filling out the form. In addition, the application package also comes with the document checklist, i.e., IMM 5644, that provides the information on the required documents to be submitted alongside the application for the PR Card Canada Renewal.

PR Card Renewal Application

This application is used when –

  • Renewal of the Card
  • Replacing of a lost/damaged card
  • Changing the gender designation on the Card
  • Changing Name
  • Apply for the Card

Please make sure the application for the PR Card Renewal is completed and submitted with the necessary documents. If not, the application will be returned.

How to Pay Renewal Fee for PR Card?

If the card has expired or will expire within the next 9 months, people should apply for the renewal. The renewal fee for the PR Card Canada is 50 dollars. Before applying, the processing fee should be submitted.

Application Fee50 dollars per person
Biometrics Fee85 dollars per person
Biometrics Fee (Family, i.e., 2 or more persons)170 dollars



The Renewal Fee for PR Card should be paid using the online method. For this, people need an email address, credit card/debit master card/visa debit card. The receipt of the online payment should be attached to the application. The Fee payment for the renewal of the PR Card in Canada is available on the website of IRCC.

When paying the fee, 2 options will help the individuals to choose the fee. Individuals can either get the fee by selecting it form the list, or they can answer some questions to get the fee details. After knowing how much they have to pay, they can proceed to pay the fee.