New Working Holiday Visa Round of Invitations Invites 1,262 Applicants

New Working Holiday Visa Round of Invitations Invites 1,262 Applicants

The new Working Holiday Visa round of invitations for the week ending August 18 invited 1,262 applicants to apply for open work permits under International Experience Canada (IEC).

A total of 1,394 invitations to apply (ITAs) have been issued under all three categories of IEC 2023 this week.

Since the commencement of the 2023 International Experience Canada (IEC) season in January 2023, a total of 97,374 invites for open work permits under the Working Holiday Visa category have been issued by Canada.

The IEC 2023 season began in January 2023 with the target of accepting 90,000 individuals to work in Canada from over 30 eligible nations.

Furthermore, IEC is adding supplementary quotas as deemed necessary.

The quota for the IEC 2023 Working Holiday Visa for Korea and the Republic has been augmented by an additional 2,000, resulting in a cumulative total of 8,500.

An additional 750 positions were allocated for Chile. At the outset, the quota for Chile was limited to a mere 400 individuals, however, it has now been expanded to accommodate a total of 1,150 Chilean applicants.

Despite the fact that the number of invitations extended thus far exceeds 108,000, around 17,574 positions are still available across all three categories.

The largest category within the International Experience Canada (IEC) program, the Working Holiday Visa category, has issued a total of 97,374 invitations thus far in the year 2023.

Nevertheless, there are still 16,294 vacancies remaining within the IEC Working Holiday Visa category.

A total of 123 work permit invitations were issued within the Young Professionals category; however, the International Co-op (Internship) category had a far lower number of invites, with only 9 being sent this week.

According to the most recent processing update from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) on August 9th, the processing time for the International Experience Canada (IEC) 2023 season is 11 weeks.

The following information presents the number of invitations sent this week, categorized by category and nation.

Additionally, it includes the total number of invitations sent in 2023, the number of candidates in the pool, the available slots, and the likelihood of obtaining an invitation in the upcoming week.