9 habits of people who are really good at taking care of themselves

9 habits of people who are really good at taking care of themselves

Posted 27 Aug 2023, byIsabel Cabrera

People who take really good care of themselves have habits they stick by.

We can all learn a lot from those who are pros at self-care.

If you’re anything like me, maybe you’re someone who’s constantly researching the ways you can improve your well-being and feel better.

You’re in the right place if that’s so!

Read on to learn of 9 habits that will help you to be more like people who are really good at taking care of themselves.

1) They have a cabinet stocked with supplements

Take a look at someone’s bathroom cabinet and it will tell you a lot about how good they are at taking care of themselves.

If someone is well stocked with supplements, it says a lot about their self-care.

You see, even if we eat super clean, there’s a chance we’re lacking in core nutrients and vitamins because of modern living…

…And people who are really good at taking care of themselves know this.

They know that our diets are often lacking things like vitamins D and B, which often causes us to feel tired and drained.

They’re keen researchers into the supplements they might need, and they take the time to consult with specialists who can advise them on what to take for them at any given moment.

These people have no problem investing their money into supplements – because they know it is in an investment in themselves.

They live by the idea that without our health we are nothing, so spending an extra 20 on a high-quality supplement doesn’t cross their mind.

It’s more important to these people to spend money on things that are good for them, rather than throwing away hundreds of dollars at a bar.

What’s more, by supplementing and ensuring they’re giving their bodies all they need, these people know it ultimately makes them a better person to be around who’s able to regulate their mood and keep their energy high.

2) They always carry a bottle of water

People who are really good at taking care of themselves know the importance of hydration.

They’re well aware that about 60% of our bodies are made up of water.

This means they’re not the kind of people who just about have the recommended eight glasses of water a day.

Instead, these people will drink as much water as their bodies need.

Drinking water is never a chore or something these folks forget: it’s a part of their daily routines.

When they wake up, they make a point of drinking a liter or so of water to set them up for the day with adequate hydration.

It’s something they do on autopilot…

…It’s as normal as brushing their teeth or going to the bathroom.

Throughout the day, they’ll always have a bottle of water to hand and chuck away like they’re on autopilot too.

You know the people I mean, who always carry a humongous bottle wherever they go?

Truth is, these people don’t find it annoying to always have their water to hand – they’d feel more lost without it!

3) They have a daily gratitude practice

There is something people who take really good care of themselves are super aware of:

They know the power of consistency and continuity.

Going through phases of taking supplements here and there, or occasionally remembering to drink water, isn’t how people who take good care of themselves live.

Having a routine and repeating the same positive daily actions is how these people live.

Here’s the thing:

Many people who are truly really good at taking care of themselves will set reminders on their phones so they don’t forget to keep up with their habits.

In short: they never miss a beat.

One of these habits they have an alarm for is their daily gratitude practice.

You see, gratitude has the power to shape each and every day. It’s a powerful tool for getting perspective and reconfiguring our experiences.

Those who use gratitude daily are far more happier and content with life, compared to those who don’t take the time to count their blessings.

Each day, people who take good care of themselves wake up and get intentional about what they’re grateful for.

This can take the shape of a list where they outline five or 10 things – be it their friends, family, or recent opportunities.

Or it could be that they think of these things while in meditation.

My dad, who is someone that’s really good at taking care of himself, calls his shower his ‘gratitude booth’.

Every day without fail, he takes the time to reel off things he’s grateful for while in the shower and it helps him set the tone for his day.

4) They’re not afraid of visiting the doctors

How many people do you know that complain of a problem for weeks or months on end, but they don’t seem to do anything about it?

This is how a lot of people live.

Many people are not that proactive when it comes to addressing problems – emotional or physical – and they often hope things will disappear if they look in the other direction.

Simply put, a lot of people put their heads in the sand and pretend nothing is wrong when it’s clear it’s not the case.

For instance, someone might ignore the fact their teeth are killing them every time they eat a chocolate bar, yet they’re not proactive with getting themselves to a dentist.

But this is not how people who are good at looking after themselves live.

If they have an issue, they’re proactive with getting it checked out.

They don’t look away and hope that it magically resolves, yet they’re quick to take action to get it sorted.

Truth is, they’re well aware that things will only get worse if they don’t address them at the time and these folks want to keep up with their self-care.

5) They spend time in nature

Spending time in nature is one of the best medicines out there.

People who are top-notch with their self-care know this.

It doesn’t matter if people live in cities or if they’re out in the sticks, those who take good care of themselves always make the time to find a green space.

They’ll always take the time to go and ground in nature – be it at a local park or out in the woods.

For people who take really good care of themselves, grounding in nature means heading out without technology and being really present with the experience.

It’s unlikely these people will be listening to music or a podcast while walking in nature.

Chances are, they’ll be listening to the wind and wildlife.

They know this is how they can truly feel connected to nature and recharge their batteries so they make the most of the experience.

What’s more, these people know that a powerful way to ground themselves is through walking barefoot.

They’re not fussed about funny looks from passersby.

Rather, they know it benefits them mentally and physically so they embrace the connection to nature.

6) They know when to rest

So many of us spend our lives in a state of go, go, go.

I’ve been there, feeling like I just don’t have the time to stop and rest.

It’s so deeply ingrained in modern culture to keep on pushing through even when you feel exhausted and drained.

It’s almost like people are rewarded for being troopers and not resting when they have nothing left in the tank.

Simply put, modern living pushes the idea that we need to keep pushing.

But this is a shortcut to burnout and feeling depleted, and once you hit that point it’s a long road to getting back on your feet.

People who are really good at taking care of themselves don’t let themselves reach this point.

If they feel like they’re running out of steam, and they can feel that the pressure on them is causing them to feel emotionally and physically drained, they do something about it.

They rest.

Now, if they work for someone, they tell their boss that they need to take a break to recharge. They don’t see it as a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength that they can ask honestly for what they need.

If they work for themselves, they make allowances to allow them to take a window of time off. Maybe they close their businesses for the day or they ask someone to cover them.

They have no issue in being honest about what they need to get themselves feeling well and recharged again.

You see, these people know that doing this will benefit them in the long term.

Simply put, these are bigger-picture thinkers!

7) They do things just for fun

Life can be so serious… things can get so heavy.

There are work commitments, interpersonal politics, grief and so many things that life can throw our way at any given moment.

Truth is, there’s no lack of things that can cause us to get bogged down and we can get so used to being in a state of discomfort and sadness.

But people who are really good at taking care of themselves know that they can’t live that way for extended periods unless they want to drive themselves into the ground.

Now, that’s not to say that these people don’t shy away from the fact there’s a lot of heaviness in the world, but they seek out the light aspects too.

They’re well aware that they need to do things just for fun in order to feel balanced.

What’s more, they don’t feel bad about having fun.

They allow themselves to enjoy themselves, be it by spending time with friends, doing something creative, or following a passion.

You see, capitalism tells us that we need to work ourselves to the bone and to keep achieving and working hard to gain more.

But people who are really good at taking care of themselves don’t fall into this trap.

They know that this is a fast track to those feelings of burnout.

8) They practice self-reflection

Self-reflection is thinking about how you’re feeling about life, how you’re feeling about the relationships and situations around you, and looking at your beliefs and values.

It is something people who take really good care of themselves do regularly.

These people know that practicing self-reflection and getting comfortable sitting with their thoughts is the route to feeling well and balanced in themselves.

They know it offers them the clarity they need to go through life with confidence in themselves.

So how do they do it?

Daily journaling or attending therapy sessions are some of the approaches these folks take.

They think about what’s working and what’s not. They’re honest with themselves about what they want to change and what they want to double down on.

What’s more, they know that five minutes is better than nothing if they’re pressed for time.

You see, they know that it’s important to take the space for self-reflection as a part of their self-care.

Truth is, if we’re not taking the time to check in with ourselves and to feel into where we’re at and what we need, we can easily drift and start to feel a bit aimless.

Now, these feelings of being lost and confused about our direction can cause a real mental spiral.

I’ve been there – feeling as though I’m not even living my life but just watching another day pass by.

During these times, I’ve been out of touch with myself and not paying any attention to my self-reflection and inner world.

However, on the other hand, during times that I’ve made the space to look at how I’m feeling and I’ve stepped off the ‘hamster wheel’ of life, I’ve found myself feeling much more balanced and directional.

As I say, people who are really good at taking care of themselves know that just a few minutes is beneficial if you don’t have an hour to meditate.

But they also aren’t tough on themselves if they miss self-reflection.

They have compassion towards themselves, which leads me to my next point…

9) They practice self-compassion

Can you see a pattern with people who take good care of themselves?

They do a lot of ‘practicing’…

…You see, they know that every day is another chance to try their best and practice at being the best human they can be.

These people don’t pretend to have all of the answers and to know it all. They are humbled by life.

Now, something that these people practice is compassion for themselves.

They practice how to be kinder to themselves for the situations they find themselves in.

This means that every time things go wrong, they don’t automatically go to a headspace of feeling like they’re a failure or an idiot for something that’s happened.

They meet themselves with kindness.

Simply put, they are gentle with themselves and they don’t beat themselves up.

They know this only creates more unnecessary turmoil and causes them to not feel good about life and themselves.

In short: these people are masters of their minds and they know the importance of working to create a sound mental balance.

When things go wrong, they return to their self-care toolbox which includes techniques I’ve spoken about like journaling and having fun.

And they keep up with their practices, knowing that consistency is the only way to go!

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